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130 South Main Street, Unit 114

Sebastopol CA 95472

130 South Main Street, Unit 114

Sebastopol CA 95472



Creative Lashing® Training - Anaheim, Ca 9/16/22



Creative Lashing® Workshop

2023 date | date is not set yet

You know, that map that all clients ask for: A wispy, megavolume, texture set that’s dramatic, but not too dramatic. That’s This Class!


Learn the map that I do on EVERY client of mine! PLUS my Instagram Bootcamp! You’ll leave with a years worth of content, and a sisterhood of women who are here to help each other grow!

Learn how to grow your following AND your bank account with my secret Styled Map and my tricks and steps to understanding how to make Instagram work for you.

This course includes:

HUGE kit valued over $700

Certificate of Completion: SoCo Lashes Master Class

One, 1-day, 1-park, ticket to Disneyland for the day following our class.

SOCO Sweatshirt & T-Shirt


PLANS- date to be confirmed 


We will have THREE meet UPS;
Thurs 9/15 9pm - Downtown Disney
Friday 9/16 8:30am- Disneyland
Friday 9/16 7pm- Disneyland

Meet up #1: 9pm in Downtown Disney at the Starbucks near the World of Disney Store  

Wear pink!!!! We will do a big photo, and you can totally dress the whole family in pink!!! Here, we can just all meet, exchange info and just hang.

Meet up #2:
8:30am in front of the Castle- Group Photo

Make sure to wear your sweatshirt so we know you’re with us!! We will all head to The Pirates of the Caribbean ride together! After Pirates, we will break apart for the day to be with our families! And families are welcome to join in on rides if you want!


Meet up #3: 7:00pm in front of the Castle -Group Photo

Make sure to have your sweatshirts on so we know you’re with us, or so you can find us if you’re late! We will all head to The Haunted Mansion together! Of course families are all welcome to come if you want!

Contest: Make sure to wear your Disney shirt or sweatshirt so we know you’re one if us!!! We are going to do a contest to see who runs into the most Lash Booth Family members to steal a SELFIE with them! The person with the most selfies at the end of the day will win a prize!!

***Jena and her family will be staying in the Disneyland Hotel, so if anyone else is staying there too, let me know! We do a lot of pool time with the kids!

Anyone who wants to stay off site, just DM me and I’ll give you some GREAT, close options!!! Tickets will be available within two weeks!

Seats will be limited to the SOCO Course, so let me know ASAP if you want a seat and




**** Tickets to Disneyland need to be reserved ASAP, otherwise they can sell out if tickets. Please be sure to reserve your seat ASAP if you’re sure you’re want to come. Disney is calling their ticket sales, so unfortunately it likely will not be able to be a last minute class booking. ***