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2755 Bechelli Ln

Redding CA 96002

2755 Bechelli Ln

Redding CA 96002



Educators Course


This two day private course was designed to help lash artists create an academy of their own. This private course of for licensed professionals who have been in the industry for a minimum of 2.5 years, who feel that they have mastered all techniques of lashing and are ready to better our lashing industry by teaching their skills and knowledge to other lash artists. 

At our Educators Training Course, you will be certified through SoCo Lashes as a Lash Trainer who we are confident is ready to start teaching through your own company, with permission to use SoCo Lashes Academy Manuals and techniques. **This course does not certify you as a SoCo Lashes Educator who works for SoCo Lashes, but helps you prepare an academy and courses for your own company or salon. 

What’s Covered:

✔️Classic Lashing

✔️Volume Lashing 

✔️Hybrid Lashing

✔️Megavolume Lashing

✔️Creative Lashing 

✔️Inner Lashing


✔️Proper Class Set up

✔️Allergies and Irritations

✔️Product Knowledge 

✔️Social Media and Marketing 

✔️A Kit valued over $1,000

✔️A Curriculum to follow for your future students 

✔️ The best part... q & a for everything you want to know about your new business venture. Make sure to write every question down to bring to you course. 

✔️And anything and everything in between!


Lunch will be provided daily, and will include more q&a time. No time will be wasted during your two days, so come prepared to sleep well at night and leave with more knowledge than you’ve ever had. 


DM Jena via @socolashes on Instagram for any further questions about booking your Private Educator Course. 

We are so excited to welcome you into the world of educating and get your new path to success launched. Let’s grow your business AND your bank account!


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