NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Introducing the Lash Shampoo Bar. NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Introducing the Lash Shampoo Bar.

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2755 Bechelli Ln

Redding CA 96002

2755 Bechelli Ln

Redding CA 96002



In Person Training {Classes are SCL Headquarters in Redding, Ca}


Classic Lashing {Beginner Lashing}: no experience required This is an introduction to lashing, and you’ll learn MORE EVERYTHING you need to know about Classic Lashing. You’ll also learn to work with Premade fans so you’re able to accent any classic set with some soft, natural shadowing. No model will be required for this course, we will be learning on a mannequin and in each other. *Our classic course has 8 seats in each class  


Volume & Megavolume : Classic Lashing and experience is required  Learn different techniques to volume lashing. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of all things volume; basic volume, both pinching and strip fanning methods, blending different techniques (and why this is SO important), proper placement for the best retention, and literally everything in between. Unlike other companies, we have a specific area in each of our courses that focuses on inner lashing; an ‘Inner Lashing Course’ if you will. You’ll learn how to lash from the outer lash, all the way to the inners.


**Our Most Popular SoCo Lashes Course**

Creative Lashing®: classic experience required  Experience THE Lashing Course of the industry. This Course includes:

Inner lashes

Taping methods; beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques 

Fanning;  American Volume, Megavolume, Russian Volume, Closed fans

Fanning techniques; Pinching, fanning on the strip and symmetrical fans  

Mapping; The ‘Wet Look,’ The ‘Striplash Look,’ blending curls, basic maps, intermediate maps and advanced maps (12 maps included in this course! 8 SoCo Lashes Maps, including three that you can only get at one of our courses or in the ‘Jena’s Favorite Things Kit’)

Lashing in Layers

Lashing creatively in layers

Perfection and Retention; how to optimize your retention just based on skill 

Product Perfection and Retention; what products actually do, and how to optimize retention with products 

Lashing Photography and how to master The Jena Lens; lighting, angles, etc

Creative Business; You’ll get the 100 page manual/handbook that students receive at our Business Mastery Retreat that teaches you EXACTLY how to create a brand and culture that stands out among your competitors 

**This course requires comfortability in Classic Lashing


This one day, 10-12 hour course is for the lash artist who wants to take their business to the next level, both on the client and in the business. 

Each student will receive a kit with everything you’ll need to lash for the day, as well as a Certificate of Completion. Please feel free to bring all of your favorite tweezers, eyeglasses, and a model with excellent lashes (make sure they have has more lashes for 4-6 weeks to obtain maximum coverage for your end photo). If you cannot provide a model, we can provide a like-live mannequin doll head to use for the course. 

There is no fluff or filler information in this course. This will be a full, extremely informative day full of so much information to take your business where you want it to go. 


Lunch will be provided for each student. 

Ready to move to the next level? contact us to schedule you In-person training.

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In person training at SoCo Lashes Headquarters in Redding, ca
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