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2811 Bechelli Ln

Redding CA 96002



Texture Shadow Training with Jena



Welcome to your Shadow Training with Jena Cash. I’m so glad you’re here. I have been in the beauty industry as a licensed professional in the state of California for 22 years, and I can’t wait to teach you everything that I know. We are a tight knit community, and I take your education very seriously. I’m always here for you after your trainings, because I want all of my student to succeed. YOU are my priority. Shadow trainings have proven for me to have the most success, because we are so visual in our industry. Shadow trainings also allows me to offer affordable, yet in depth trainings that will help you take your career ten steps forward in HALF OF A TYPICAL WORK DAY. My goals is to teach you the things you’ll use, not all of the fluff you don’t need. Let’s do this!

Class starts at 11:00 am sharp

*doors will open at 10:30 if you want to mingle a little before the class

Class starts with the explanation of what I have in my work area and why. This is a shadow class. There will not be a hands on opportunity for this class (I was considering allowing everyone to jump in, but everyone may be at different skill levels, and I want everyone to get as much value out of this shadow training). 

What we will go over in the model:





•Inner lashes/ taping inner lashes

•Outer lashes/ taping outer lashes

•Taping throughout the lash line

•Peaks/Texture- how to create them

•The ‘Pinching Method’ for both soft volume, volume, and Megavolume

•Mapping: Ombrè, mocking density, 5:5, open eye, filler vs shadow fans, seamlessly blending curls, diameters, lengths 

•Correcting natural lash direction 

•Creating the ‘eye liner effect’

•Avoiding\fixing stepping

•Avoiding the outer lid ‘length drop’

•Megavolume fans, volume fans, .10 classic, .12 classic, closed fans 

•How to create soft, wispy, dense, subtle, dramatic, or all looks in between with the same map

•Retention and Perfection; how to get better retention and why your retention may not be it’s best 

This is how I complete each set, depending on preference for each client, of course. I encourage each student to ask many questions. This class is to be taken full advantage of, and if you have the questions so does someone else. I’m expecting there to be little quiet time, so again, I encourage multiple questions throughout every step. 

Please reach out to me through our private community Instagram page, @socobythesea with any other questions. 

This class is a 4 hour shadow training, however may extend 30 minutes or so depending on the lash line of my model. There will only be 10 spots available for this class. This course includes a SOCO Lashes Certificate of Completion, as well as a 20% discount code that will be given out the day of class, and will expire after 30 days. You will also receive a lifetime 10% discount code for all SOCO Lashes Alumni. 

*Volume & Classic experience is recommended so you’re able to comprehend the everything. 


*DISCLAIMER: All class purchases are purchased as a date reservation for the specific course and day, and are non refundable. Classes may not be transferred to a different class date. Your date reservation closes a seat to other students, and cannot be transferred to a different student.