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130 South Main Street, Unit 114

Sebastopol CA 95472

130 South Main Street, Unit 114

Sebastopol CA 95472



SOCO Master Class - Salt Lake City UT - October 13th, 2024



Salt Lake City |  October 13, 2024 at 9:00 am  

Our Class Breakdown (Download the brochure)

Perfection & Retention Workshop: We all have a basic understanding about how to do a great set, but actually creating a great set always proves impossible. This workshop will help you fully comprehend how to create perfect lashes that look great for 3-4 weeks! This workshop focuses on perfecting your lashing skills to advance your lashing skills into mastering placement, angles, and retention. We will cover product knowledge in a way that makes retention and placement make sense, explaining why our glue works and other times doesn’t, explain how to make sure your texture pieces look perfect and always stand out, and how to place perfect angles that are required for advanced looks. After this course, you’ll understand the truth about what it takes for your skills to be taken to a level of perfection, and produce unbeatable retention.

Texture Mapping Workshop: Have you ever had a client ask you for that impossible look? We all know that request: “Can you do a look that’s full but not that full, long but not too long, wispy but not super wispy, and dramatic but also kind of natural.” We call this look ‘The Kim K meets Marilyn Monroe,’ …classy but modern. You’ll learn our SOCO Lashes Skeleton Key Lash Map that allows you to create subtle wispy lashes, SUPER dramatic Megavolume wispy, and everything in between with the SAME map. Sounds impossible right? We can’t wait to show you how simple it really is.

Fundamentals of Texture: My texture workshop is all about the intricate details. Sounds difficult right? Wrong! I'm going to show you a super simple way to get that luscious detailed texture that every client is craving. Best of all, this technique works for both full sets AND fills, helping you to create consistency for your clients, appointment after appointment. I'm going to teach you how to custom design your maps, apply lashes flawlessly, and then perfect the technique with hands on practice. And bonus, these lashes photograph beautifully, taking your social media and marketing game to the next level. Hell yes. 

Mapping for Eye Shapes Workshop: Have you ever noticed that sometimes you do a set of lashes and the shape looks bomb, but then you do the same thing on the next person, and something just Lashes are not a "one size fits all". Welcome to my eye shape workshop. In this workshop we are going to deep dive, studying the different eye shapes that our clients have, and how to adjust our mapping to give them the most flattering look possible. Who doesn't want to be styled immaculately? This class is definitely going to take you to the next level, and separate you from the lash girl down the street. 

Petit Volume, Volume, & Mega-volume: Maybe you've tried a technique here and there, maybe it's stuck, maybe it hasn't. Sometimes all we need is a slight adjustment or cue to make something really click. In this fanning workshop, we are going to learn and practice my three favorite fanning methods that have been tried and true in my lashing career. Who knows, you might just adopt a new favorite!

Budgeting, Building, and Branding Workshop: This workshops is a super condensed version of our SOCO Business Retreat. During this fast paced workshop, we will cover how to double your income without slaving yourself away or raising your prices, how to raise your prices and not lose clients, how to comprehend how much money you really make, how to organize your taxes, how to SAVE money, how to fill your clientele with a waitlist in less than 6 months, and the basics of making it look like you have a successful business when you’re just starting out… or just starting over. This workshop will teach you how to truly fall in love with your business, and STAY in love with your business for decades. These are all of Jena’s secrets to creating a successful business while avoiding burnout. We can’t wait to see how much your business evolves in just 30 days after your class with us!!

Your Teachers:

Jena Cash, Founder of SOCO Lashes, has been working in the beauty industry since 2001. She was 17 when she started her beauty venture and has never looked back. After owning five different salons, making so many mistakes and learning so many lessons, she is still in love with this industry. Born and raised in her small beach town of Sonoma County, Jena spends most of her time as an Herbalist, spending time with her husband and daughter, and probably just as much time with her animals. From tarantulas to horses, Jena has a soft spot for anything with a heartbeat. When she’s not working you’ll catch her planning her next Disney trip, “doing animal stuff,” obsessing on Pinterest over dark academia decor/styling or anything spooky and Halloween, or reading several books a week. Oh! And giving her husband her next new DIY idea that she swears she’ll participate in, but then forgets that she can’t lift heavy things. (Thanks, babe) Jena and her family are currently renovating a 115 year old farmhouse, and they can’t wait to be living in the home the rebuilt with their own two hands.

Each SOCO Lashes Master Class will come with 7 Certifications, a lash kit, and 6 different perspectives on our Master Set. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS CLASS!!!

DEETS: Our SOCO Master Lash Class is broken down into bite sized pieces, usually taught by Jena. Depend on the location and number of students, Jena might choose one of our educator to help teaching some of the portion to give you the BEST education ever!!!

Price: $1,290
Students per location: 8
Certificates: 7 different certificates
Kit Included: HELL YES
Fun?: abso-fucking-lutely

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