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130 South Main Street, Unit 114

Sebastopol CA 95472



The Jena Lens



Meet the original Lash Lens!

Do you ever look back at photos of your work and regret not having a better quality camera? Or are your tired of the hassle of using a DSLR... having to upload and edit your images from a computer, just so send them back to your phone so you can can upload to social media?

Meet the Original Lash Lens, The Jena Lens!! This 25X macro/wide angle lens is sure to solve all of your problems with lash photography... or lack there of.

Back in 2018, we launched the ORIGINAL LASH LENS!!

What makes our lens different than others? Our upgraded glass quality (to give you the clearest, most crisp image; this would be like comparing the Cannon L Series Lenses to their stock glass), our decade plus experience with photography AND our customer service. And don’t you just love supporting small businesses with a family?

Our founder, Jena Cash, was a photographer for a whole decade and still has a passion for capturing moments as a hobby! She wanted to create an affordable way to blend her passion for lashing and photography into everyone’s lashing room! Creating a lens specifically for Lash Artists was the answer to all of our problems.

How To Use:

Macro | Those magical shots that look like a pro took them: simply unscrew the wide angle lens, steady your elbows/hands, get 1-3 inches from the eye... and BOOM. You’re a pro! Follow up with your favorite editing app. All with the convenience straight from your phone.

Wide Angle | Mostly for fun: slide it on and have a blast! Enjoy a wider shot of your lash room, or take it with you in a hike to get that FULL image of your view of something like the Golden Gate Bridge. This wide angle lens is similar to the wide angle lens option in many new smartphones.

We hope that you are so excited to start upping your photo game! We know how important it is to be able to affordably showcase your work in a visual industry!

Psssst... and don’t forget to have fun, get creative and tag @SoCo Lashes in your photos!

Key Features

  • Professional HD lens minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity.
  • Top-grade aluminum construction increases the durability of the product.
  • Designed with 37mm Diameter Thread lens enables you to shoot photos at a distance of 1.18-1.57in from your object.
  • The 0.45x wide angle lens largely increases your wide-angle range. Give you a high definition wide angle image without distortion.
  • Universal detachable clamp design, work on all popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets.
  • Soft rubber clip will not scratch or damage your mobile device